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cause i've got one hand in my pocket

& the other one is giving the peace sign.

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Birthdate:Dec 8
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

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, accents, aim, baseball, basketball, big sunglasses, blake wheeler, bmx, bobby ryan, boston, boston bruins, boston celtics, boys, bronson arroyo, caffeine free pepsi, carey price, change, coach purses, coffee coolattas, colors, computers, csi, csi: miami, csi: new york, dale earnhardt jr, dancing for no reason, dane cook, david blaise, david krejci, ddr, december 8th, deviant art, digital cameras, dvds, emo boys, emo hair, everything, extreme sports, eyeliner, facebook, fall, family guy, flirting, fmx, forever the sickest kids, french fries, gerald green, gmail, grady sizemore, guitar hero, hearts, highways, hockey, hockey fights, hollister, hoodies, horror movies, hugs, ice cream, inside jokes, internet, jeff carter, johnny depp, jordan staal, josh beckett, kevin garnett, kissing, kyle burns, late nights at shaws, laughing, laughing for no reason, listening to the radio, live journal, love, lyrics, magic markers, making money, making out, manicures, mark stuart, mark-stuart's-super-fast-growing-beards, massachusetts, me, midnight, milan lucic, moe doodle, mohawks, money, music, myspace, nba, new england, new hampshire, nhl, paint shop pro, pat kirch, patrick kane, paul pierce, phil kessel, philadelphia flyers, photography, photoshop, pictures, piercings, pittsburgh penguins, quotes, rain, reality tv shows, red sox, ripped jeans, ryan sheckler, scotty cranmer, screaming, sharpies, shaun white, sidekick 2008, sidekicks, sidney crosby, singing, sleeping, snow, spring, stars, staying up late, summer, sunrises, sunsets, swearing, swearing for no reason, t-mobile, taking photos, talking, texting, texting at work, texting in class, the color blue, the doodlebops, the east coast, the maine, the smell of sharpies, the word "fuck", time, twitter, uggs, unlimited texting, winter, writing, x games, you, your mom, zdeno chara, zombies
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